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          LED Medical Headlight

          LED Medical Headlight use import Cree LED cold light source. Color temperature is close to the natural sunlight for better color rendering, and the product life of LED light is up to 50000 working hours. Consuming less power.

            The product is used in medical field(ophthalmology exclude) ,to provide illumination for clinical examinations. 
            With uniform light spot, high brightness.The LED Medical  Headlight has In-built polymer lithium battery to supply power , the battery life time is up to 500 charge -discharge cycles under normal use, have a very good safety performance.  The consecutive working time of the battery is 3 to 20 hours according to different battery specifications and different brightness level.

             Product introduction

            • Item
            • Use height range
            • Vertical force
            • Single point stress range
              Based on the centre R≤150mm