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          X-ray Film Viewer

          The product is mainly used for reading CT, MR and X-ray films on clinical diagnosis, clinical teaching, scientific research and observation .
          It is suitable for departments that need to read films, such as orthopedic and internal medicine departments.

            1. GP series X-ray film viewer consists of light box , outer frame, back panel and LED light source.The viewing screen is acrylic plate made by Japan's Sanling Liyang Co., Ltd, which have a good light transmittance and no discoloration. AC100 v ~ 240 v wide voltage input; LCD backlight technology, compact structure design , beautiful appearance , the thickness of the whole machine is only 25mm, and it is easy to install.
            2. LED light source have these advantages: long life, instant lighting, high brightness, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. It delivers intensity uniform light , no dark area, no stroboscopic light, low luminous decay.Stable color temperature make the viewing screen much brighter and softer.
            3. Self-locked roller technique enables convenient use.
            4.The models of GP series X-ray Film viewer:
                GP-I : Luminance adjustable with 8 levels (300cd/㎡~4000cd/㎡),Timing model(5-90 minutes),it can meet the reading and diagnosis needs for different densities film such as common analog films, digital hard copy films and molybdenum target breast films.
                GP-G: Constant Luminance (>2000/㎡);it can meet the reading and diagnostic needs for Ordinary analog films .

             Product introduction

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